Soul Expressions Coloring Book
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This rich experience of coloring will help you:

  • Dive into a closer connection with your soul.
  • Develop more long-lasting inner peace the more you color.
  • Enhance your creative exploration and inspiration.
  • Focus and relax your mind.
  • Create frameable art that enhances your spaces with positive energy.

Soul Expressions is created with:

  • Perforated pages for easy removal.
  • Sturdy paper to support heavy coloring and a variety of media.
  • 76 one-sided pages so you don’t have to choose which ones to display.

Book size is 8.5”W x 11”H. There are 76 images to enjoy!

Soul Expressions: Coloring for Transformation

Soul Expressions: Coloring for Transformation is designed to bring you a closer connection to your soul, help you experience more peace and joy and energize your creativity.

This coloring experience is different. 

The drawings were created using age-old energy systems like Tai Chi and Qigong, used for both health and relaxation. When I began practicing a Qigong system I learned over 20 years ago, I realized early on that the energy (sometimes called chi) was moving my body, not the other way around. I poured this energy into the artwork I was doing, which resulted in a way of drawing I am terming Energy Art. The energy from drawing this way comes through these coloring pages as you work with them, building and strengthening the energy pathways throughout your body the same way Qigong or Tai Chi does. The more you color, the feeling of peace and stillness you feel during the process will begin to last beyond the time you spend coloring. To increase the benefits of this coloring book, there are also instructions for a simple Qigong set you can do before you color.

It’s almost as if the drawings are a visual language only the soul knows.

As you flip through the delightful book, you will notice you are drawn to specific pages for no logical reason. This approach to art has a way of reaching us at a deep level, beyond our ability to reason. You will enjoy seeing what drawing leaps out at you and seems to be saying “pick me!” for that coloring session. Select it and get busy diving into the experience of what the drawing has to offer you. Let go of any “rules” about coloring and do what you want to with your colors and method of coloring. You may feel motivated to cut your page into pieces with which you can create a collage. It’s up to you! You will be rewarded with more peace, more creativity, more ability to focus and certainly more fun and joy.

The benefits of this experience are long lasting. 

After you finish your first coloring page, take a few moments to quietly focus on it. You may find that merely focusing openly will grace you with peaceful feelings. Place it in your workspace or somewhere you will see often. Every time you take a break to gaze into it, you will re-discover that feeling. Just allow the energy to float to you. After you have completed a number of pages, you will have a selection of images to surround yourself with. Take a few moments and select ones you want to focus on in any given day. They will continue to bring you joy, peace and a feeling of connectedness with your soul.

Download a Free Soul Expressions Coloring Sheet to try it out.

Here are some examples of energy images included in the book:

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