Performance Art

ARTLIGHT Energy Art Performance 

Combining beautiful, free-flowing, spontaneous energy movement; colorful, energetic artwork and compelling music creates a performance piece titled ARTLIGHT. Dancers are costumed in large flowing costumes designed to be moving projection screens. Swirling movement in light created from bright, circular images creates a visceral world invoking imagination.  

ARTLIGHT explores how the vibrations of different colors and images affect this magical environment. The shadows created by the dancers also allow the viewers to enjoy the juxtaposition of bright color and the void of color.  

ARTLIGHT can be a collaborative performance inviting the audience to participate. It’s a powerful experience to perform and delightful to watch. You will leave refreshed and inspired. 

Comments from past ARTLIGHT Performances: 

“Even though the colors are very bright, I somehow feel much calmer watching the performance.”  

“I felt like I was dancing with angels.”